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National Red Cloak Protest

1. To publicly protest the nomination, confirmation, and appointment of any Supreme Court Justice by the 45th President of the United States

2. To affirm Equal Rights for Women, especially body autonomy

3. To honor the memory of Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

All are welcome to participate. Women (and people who identify as female regardless of sex assignment at birth) are primary participants.

Participants are strongly encouraged to wear red cloaks and white bonnets.

Male allies and Folx not wearing Red Cloak are encouraged to wear all black with either a red or black face mask, to march/stand behind Women in Red Cloaks, to assist by carrying water & medical supplies, and to photograph the event.

Signs are encouraged advocating for Women’s Rights, in memory of RBG, and opposing SCOTUS appointment.

Face masks and social distancing are REQUIRED for ALL PARTICIPANTS to prevent the transmission of Covid.

Photography: faces should NOT be exposed in photos without express consent of all subjects. Participants should understand that photographs will likely be taken and cover face accordingly if not wanting to be photographed.

All participants assume responsibility for local and state ordinance requirements.

This is a national effort. Each state will have a state organizer for specific event coordination. Events are encouraged to be located at state capital buildings, federal courthouses, and local courthouses. Please carefully investigate local ordinances for the possible requirements of permits and law enforcement notification.

All organizers are volunteers. This is a non-profit social justice event.

Additional local Red Cloak Protest: Ruth Sent Us marches may be happening in coordination with local Women’s Marches planned for October 17. Check with state coordinators for information.

Concept: AshleyUncorked
Email, press, media inquiries: redcloakprotest@gmail.com

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